Travel: Labor Day Weekend at Deep Creek Lake, Maryland

Now that we’re into October and I’ve finally accepted that summer is over, I can post my end-of-summer photos.  This past Labor Day weekend, a random grouping of people got together in a big rental cabin at Deep Creek Lake in Maryland. I knew most but didn’t know some. Sixteen people and one dog under the same roof can seem overwhelming, but everyone was super chill and instantly friendly. We swam, read on the dock, drank Vernors and played euchre. When it rained, we watched Fried Green Tomatoes on the couches, sat in the hot tub for hours and made new best friends.

For the most part, I left my camera inside – not necessarily a bad thing. The few photos I took were around the yard and on a short hike but mostly on the dock. I tried getting a group shot of everyone, but it came out a little fuzzy thanks to no tripod and the funky lighting. So whatever. Here they are:



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