Newborn Twins: Abby and Emma

We say Abby and Emma (versus Emma and Abby), because Abby was born first and had always been “Baby A” throughout the pregnancy. Plus it rolls off the tongue easily. The girls were born on May 15, a few weeks earlier than desired but they’re thriving and growing like weeds now. Abby came at 7:29am, followed by Emma exactly ten minutes later. These two girls are the most wanted and loved little girls I’ve ever known. They have grandparents, aunts and uncles, neighbors and friends who have all anxiously awaited their arrival and would move mountains for them if they ever needed it. And not to mention, Ryan and Angie are the kind of parents people strive to be – loving, patient and wise. I’m so happy to be part of their lives and to watch them grow.

Welcome to the world Abigail Isabella and Emma Leigh!

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Emma Leigh

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Angie holding Emma

abby and emma sleeping

sleeping identical twin girls

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