Maternity: Ryan, Angie and the Twins at Chatham Manor

I’ve known Ryan and Angie for several years now and know that at least one baby has been part of their plan for a while.  Right around the holidays, they gathered all of their friends around and announced that they were pregnant…and that they were having twins!  My excitement for them went up about 10 notches.  And through the wonderful world of modern medicine, they know they’re having identical girls, expected some time this June.  I have no doubt these will be the most loved, spoiled (in a good way) little girls in the tri-state area.  I very much look forward to being a part of their lives as they grow and am honored Angie chose me as her photographer for capturing her maternity photos.

This is the second twin maternity session I’ve done this year, which is a wonderful trend for me.  This session (or most of it) took place at Chatham Manor in Fredericksburg.  The grounds are absolutely magical at sunset so I encourage anyone to go explore them.  And don’t be discouraged by the main gates being closed at 4:3opm.  You can sneak around the back side of Chatham through Pratt Park and it’s all perfectly kosher.

Typography photography title

Silhouette pregnancy
pink maternity photo

twin cribs

black and white maternity

couple maternity pose

ryan and angela

pregnant pose gardens of chatham manor 
black and white couple 

pregnant belly

chatham in fredericksburg photography

pregnant belly hands

maternity tilt shift

mama to be 
bold maternity 

reflection photography

tilt shift maternity

twins pregnancy

walking away

fredericksburg photography session

chatham in fredericksburg photo session

city of fredericksburg view from chatham


Twin baby shoes

Couple at Chatham Manor in Fredericksburg

Brick wall couple pose 

walking away

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