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  • Film: Summertime Adventures in Ohio

  • In late June, I ventured westward to Sandusky, Ohio, for an action-packed weekend with my best friend Marie and her parents Tom and Anne (my 2nd parents).  I left my digital camera at home and put all my trust in God and film. First stop: Cedar Point.  It was like I was back in middle school all [...]
  • Travel: Carolinas - Charlotte & Charleston

  • My boo and I decided to take a few days to get away and visit my sister in Charlotte, North Carolina, and then sneak on down to South Carolina for a few more days in Charleston.  We visited with my nephew Lucas and ate a ton of cookies and played at the park.  The next day we stopped at this gia[...]
  • Travel: Smoky Mountains

  • Every year, for the past nine years, my entire family migrates from various parts of the country to come together and hang out in the mountains of Tennessee for the week of Thanksgiving.  This year we rented our biggest cabin ever - 19 souls and three dogs (dogs don't have souls) under one roof.  My[...]
  • Travel: Virginia Creeper Trail

  • Turns out the Virginia Creeper Trail is the coolest biking adventure this side of the Mississippi.  It's 34 miles (we only did a section of it) of abandoned railroad line that takes you through a bunch of small towns, ending in ice cream and porch sitting.  Because it's all downhill, there's virtual[...]