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  • Portraits: Catherine

  • Meet Catherine.  She's a college junior getting ready to jet off to Santa Fe, but before she left Fredericksburg for the summer, I wanted to borrow her good looks and photogenic qualities to test out a new lens and some film I'm trying out (to be posted when it's developed).  We went out to Belmont [...]
  • Senior Portraits: Jack

  • Here's Jack!  He's probably the most photogenic and charismatic 18 year old in town which made this shoot pretty easy for me.  We spent as many minutes as we could tolerate in the freezing cold to get these photos before the sun set.  For senior portraits, it was probably the shortest session on rec[...]
  • Senior Portraits: Michael

  • Michael is a graduating senior from Angola, Indiana.  These photos were taken in Tennessee, in the beautiful Smoky Mountains over the course of several days.  We had the awesome pleasure of warm weather and great lighting followed by the prettiest snowfall with big, fluffy flakes. [...]