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  • Still Life Photography

  • Let's talk about photography that doesn't involve booking a client or even necessarily putting on pants: Still Life Photography! SLP (I'm lazy) is something worth learning even if you want to only shoot portraits and weddings. Why? Because when you're shooting a wedding, you're capturing more tha[...]
  • Why I Love Film Photography

  • Most film lovers remember the excitement of developing their own prints in their high school darkroom. The smell of fixer in the air and the warm glow of the red safety lights. I loved watching my images slowly emerge in the developer bath. Film photography was fun and the cameras I used were cheap [...]
  • Film: Summertime Adventures in Ohio

  • In late June, I ventured westward to Sandusky, Ohio, for an action-packed weekend with my best friend Marie and her parents Tom and Anne (my 2nd parents).  I left my digital camera at home and put all my trust in God and film. First stop: Cedar Point.  It was like I was back in middle school all [...]